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From America’s Fryers to America’s Trucking Fleet

 Cube Be Gone LLC is your partner in used cooking oil. If you are a commercial food production business looking for a more effective method of disposing of waste materials and cooking oils- you have come to the right place! No more cubes of used cooking oil. No waste. We’re ready to combat climate change one cube at a time by providing high quality on time services focused on climate change impact. 

Waterless Fryer Cleaning Benefits the Environment

Cube Be Gone waterless fryer cleaning has saved thousands of gallons of grease water from polluting the environment. No more need for nasty, greasy oil dumpsters or drums. Eliminate oil spills from employees carrying open containers from the back of the house and eliminate oil solids from entering your grease trap interceptors saving you from costly shutdowns or pump outs.

Cube Be Gone LLC is Delaware’s “Everything Fryer” company. Our high quality no call used cooking oil collection service is becoming the new 21st century standard.  We pay you to collect your used cooking oil and provide fryer cleaning and management.

Clean Green Fryer Cleaning Includes:

Vacuum removal of oil and solids

Removal of spent oil

Scrubbing of all inside surfaces

Addition of new oil

These Restaurants are Going Green!

They are recycling 100% of their spent cooking oil into Bio-Fuels using Shockley Sustainable Solutions

What You Can Expect...

Cube Be Gone, LLC  is helping Delaware and Maryland businesses transform used cooking oil profitably to a green economy and a better future for our environment. Our mission is simple: Help businesses go Clean & Green.

We offer a three-step solution for your business to become carbon neutral. Sit down with one of our professionals today and will audit and measure your existing footprint, prescribe practical, economic, solutions to reduce your carbon emissions, and provide FREE quality carbon offsets to certify your business as Clean & Green.

We’re local, invested and committed to Delmarva, and we take social responsibility seriously. We want to keep Delmarva Clean and Green and provide you the local resources to do so.

Reliable, FREE and Efficient Service

Professionally Trained Technician

Locally Owned, and Operated

Commitment to our Environment

Are you interested?

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We can provide you with extensive information about the advantages of used cooking oil recycling and provide you with an understanding of the process.

We will suggest a schedule that suits your needs.

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